It isn't easy to go alone through a tax inspection.  We can help you with the best technical arguments and can also take over all the paperwork and legal endeavors.

Tax audit support

We assist clients in dealing with any deficiency in tax assessments made by the Romanian tax authorities or mitigate the possibilities of adverse assessments by the authorities for clients in the process of a tax audit. Our services are based on the extensive expertise gained by our team in dealing with the Romanian tax authorities in such matters, as well as on our long term relationship with the Romanian tax authorities.

Our tax team can guide you throughout the entire tax audit process and liaise directly with the Romanian tax authorities on your behalf, to ensure that the tax audit is conducted in a proper manner and that additionally assessed taxes, interest and penalties are as low as possible.

Our tax audit support services include inter-alia

  • Legal analysis and factual investigation of the tax areas concerned;
  • Independent assessment of the tax status of our clients prior to investigation, in order to identify in advance any areas of potential risk;
  • Prepare and formulate our client’s position on the debated tax issues, by bringing legal arguments to defend the approach of our clients;
  • Manage the tax audit process and focus on the most cost effective way to achieve the closure of the tax investigation carried out by the Romanian tax authorities, thus leaving the client’s personnel to concentrate on carrying on the normal business activities;
  • Represent our clients in front of the Romanian tax authorities during the tax audit and during the final discussions with the Romanian tax inspectors in order to present the technical arguments and argue the client’s position clearly and persuasively;
  • Assess the strengths and the weaknesses of our client’s approach to certain tax issues, with a view to evaluate the chances of succeeding in the event of a court trial with the Romanian tax authorities;
  • Assist further in the litigation process, should the client decide to proceed on this course of action.


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