We'are always up to date with legislative changes.  And we are more than happy to share our knowledge.

Tailored training

Given the recent cascade of new amendments to the Romanian Fiscal Code as a result of Romania’s EU Accession, as well as new rulings and announcements, regular tax trainings are becoming a necessity rather than an option. Tax regulations in Romania can prove to be rather complex and appear to change on a continuous basis. Just tracking regulatory changes and their impact on your transactions may seem overwhelming. We can help you keep up-to-date with the opportunities and risks that arise as a result of such legislative changes. 

Our team is eager to share its experience on tax matters by covering theoretical and practical aspects as well as providing real life examples and specific solutions to different issues arising in various industries. Our tailored training sessions, seminars and workshops focus on the practical side of the subjects covered, so that the respective concepts can be easily understood by the client’s personnel and applied in the day-to-day business activities. 

Tailored Tax Trainings 

We provide tax training services tailored on our clients requirements – we are keen to facilitate flexible training programs on specific topics of interest at a venue of your choice, in Bucharest or at the client premises. 

Our tax training seminars cover a wide range of tax tutoring requirements:

  • Tax update sessions, including up-to-date analysis of Romanian and EU tax legislation, rulings, key ECJ rulings on tax matters and other important risk areas identified in practice;
  • Practical training sessions, aimed at helping clients deal with the day-to-day tax issues affecting their business;
  • Tax seminars on specialised taxation or industry-related topics, such as:
    • Romanian and EU direct tax legislation;
    • Corporate income tax seminars;
    • Romanian and EU VAT legislations;
    • Romanian withholding tax and international tax matters;
    • Sensitive tax matters for various industries (e.g. leasing, real-estate, banking, trading,  manufacturing, etc.);
    • Personal income tax;
    • Local taxes.


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