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We provide our clients with a full range of Romanian tax compliance services, aimed at relieving companies from the burden of time-consuming and possible costly processes such as data gathering, drafting tax returns, acknowledging the tax risks associated with the specificity of their business, identifying potential tax planning opportunities, dealing with the tax authorities, etc. Our compliance services allow you to spare time and release resources necessary for further developing of your business activities.
As part of our compliance services, we familiarise ourselves with the client’s line of business, internal procedures accounting and IT system, as well as the with any past audit reports, sensitive tax issues, past decisions on tax matters which continue to have an impact in the present, etc. We then address issues such as planning timetables, data gathering, data processing, split of responsibilities between Taxhouse and the client’s team, so that the entire compliance process is mapped, clarified and transparent to all people involved.

VAT compliance services:

  • Drafting, issuing, archiving, reviewing invoices;
  • Preparation, submission, signing or review of tax returns and periodical reporting and statements;
  • Preparation and maintenance of VAT books;
  • Filing VAT reclaims and assist during VAT audits;
  • Payment instructions or managing payments.

Corporate income tax compliance services:

  • Reviewing invoices and accounting documents and data used to compute the tax due;
  • Review transactions under domestic legislation vs. Double Tax Treaties;
  • Corporate income tax/capital gains tax compliance - preparation and filing of quarterly statements and annual corporate income tax returns, submission of tax residency certificates for non-resident clients, liaison with brokers and custodians;
  • Tax reclaims for refund of any overpaid capital gains tax;
  • Payment instructions, liaison with the client’s bank as well as with the Romanian tax authorities;
  • Representation in front of the Romanian tax authorities and related correspondence.


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