We are "fiscal detectives". We review and investigate and we make sure that all your taxes are paid in full. And on time. But we also try to recover any taxes charged excessively.

Reviews and certifications

We provide comprehensive tax review & investigation services to our clients, involving a detailed analysis of our client’s business from a Romanian tax perspective. We review the records, analyse the tax documentation and fulfilment of the tax requirements by our clients, based on our deep tax knowledge and expertise, so as to ensure that no significant taxation areas are overlooked or misinterpreted.

Our tax review & investigation services can help you identify new opportunities for optimising the overall tax costs, diminish your effective tax rate and minimise the potential areas of tax exposure, as well as identify possibilities of reclaiming potential taxes paid in excess and services involve a thorough analysis of the tax position of the client covering the most important areas of taxation, under the following approach: 

  • Meeting with the client in order to get acquainted with the line of business, internal procedures, accounting and IT systems;
  • Review and analysis of past tax audit reports and tax returns of the company;
  • Assessment of tax risks arising in the period subject to our review;
  • Identification of possibilities for reclaiming overpaid taxes;
  • Review of the level of compliance with the tax procedural requirements;
  • Identification of future tax planning opportunities;
  • Identification of grey areas resulting in potential tax exposures and litigations;
  • Preparation of a detailed report covering the tax risks identified together with their potential assessment.

Further to our analysis of the client's activities, certain tax planning opportunitie may arise, by identification of saving alternatives and fiscal cost recovery.  Based on the expertise of our tax team and applying the most innovative tax solutions, we review our client's tax position and adjust it to correct errors, available unused tax deductions or other missed tax opportunities.

Tax certification

We offer our clients certification services with regard to annual tax returns, according to legal requirements in force and the norms issued by the Romanian Chamber of Certified Tax Consultants.



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