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Real estate

Whether you are buying, developing, selling or leasing real estate in Romania, you always need sound technical tax expertise in order to have a full control of the outcome of your transactions.

Our specialised real estate tax advisors can assist you in the course of the investment, development, operational and exit phases, providing you with useful guidelines for conducting your real estate business in Romania.  We work together with our colleagues in Taxand to assist you in implementation of international tax structures designed to maximise net profits during the holding period or at exit from such investments.

Our clients in the real estate area include owners, developers, investors, lessors and lesees, contractors, agents and professional service providers that all relied on our specific knowledge and expertise of real estate field in dealing with complicated tax matters.

Our advisory services in the above phases of a real estate investment include: 

  • Preferred structure for the investment in Romania, depending on the residency of the investors;
  • Tax due diligence;
  • Financing the acquisition in Romania (equity versus debt) and tax structuring – leverage buy-outs, mergers, spin-offs, leasing, etc.
  • Asset deals versus share deals;
  • Withholding tax treatment of various payments;
  • Taxation of dividends;
  • Capital gains taxation;
  • Direct taxation - deductibility, transfer pricing, step-ups in value, etc.;
  • VAT treatment of real estate investments and operations and VAT recoverability;
  • Sale and lease-back transactions;
  • Stamp duties and notary fees;
  • Foreign exchange control, etc.


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