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High net worth individuals

Private & tailored tax advisory services

For private individuals holding complex investment portfolios, with a large number of entities controlled or minority stakes, management can become a challenging exercise, since entrepreneurs’ decisions may have a social, financial or reputational impact.

Beyond the creation and growth of a business, its longevity is important as well.  When managing a large number of companies of a group becomes a complicated exercise, maintaining and organizing one’s portfolio is essential so that overall profits derived at the group’s level owned by a private individual are being maximized and allocated to the investor’s areas of interest with the purpose of accumulation, reinvestment or sometimes even divestment and orientation towards other areas of interest.

Investment decisions are often influenced by tax considerations that may significantly increase or decrease anticipated yields. Therefore, to correctly estimate net yields in a dynamic global economy, any investor should base their decisions on a clear picture of the financial and tax implications in countries in which investments are considered.

Taxhouse experts are available to assist you closely during any of the stages of your investment decisions, while ensuring that we create the required premises for taking decisions with comfort.

Our services are designed towards:
  • diagnostic analysis of the personal tax situation and of the income derived from various sources at the level of the private individual;
  • optimisation of the investments and stakes held by an investor in various companies, for a flexible and efficient management;
  • restructuring of the businesses held by private individuals, of complex groups of companies held by individuals while covering areas of relevant domestic and international taxation as well as the effective management of investment portfolios including minority and/or majority stakes;
  • tax compliance for income tax purposes for the various types of income derived by the individual investor;
  • analysis of tax implications for individuals with multiple citizenships and / or residencies or for whom international mobility is significant;
  • on-going tax assistance related to management of family businesses and inheritances;
  • assistance in dealing with tax authorities during tax inspections carried out at individual level;
  • assistance in solving tax disputes at the level of the individual;
  • assistance in clarifying the tax residence status for individuals having a complex personal and tax status.

Our core values which guide us in the services we offer are:
  • Integrity and confidentiality;
  • Practical approach for the solutions provided;
  • Objectiveness and impartiality.

We offer tailored solutions for each of our clients rather than standard ones, and for this we invest time in the business relationship with our clients.  Prior to any recommendation, we are dedicated to understand in great detail the individual circumstances and priorities of our clients.

We are an independent consulting firm, with no conflicts of interest related to audit or legal services, which allows us to have a more flexible approach.  At the same time, our membership with the international tax consultancy network Taxand, supports us in offering integrated, multi-jurisdictional solutions, covering together with the international tax experts of Taxand any international issues relevant to each client's specific situation.


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