We can offer guidance on transfer pricing matters and can assist you with your intra-group transactions.

Transfer pricing

In the current context of globalisation of the international trade and further expansion of multinational corporations, the transfer pricing issue has become one of the most important matters which are faced nowadays by multinationals and regional companies.  Tax authorities scrutiny on the matter has also became stronger, even in lower tax jurisdictions.

Following the international trend, the Romanian transfer pricing legislation has been amended by the release in February 2008 of specific requirements with regard to the content of the transfer pricing file that Romanian corporate income tax payers conducting transactions with related parties must prepare and have available for tax inspection.

In this context, our specialised team of tax consultants has the capacity, knowledge and experience required to assist you in complying with the current Romanian transfer pricing requlations and, together with our colleagues in Taxand, of the international requirements, in view of minimisation of the overall tax burden and mitigate adverse tax consequences like double taxation or penalties for non compliance of legal requirements in various jurisdictions.

Our transfer pricing related services include:

  • Planning and advisory services;
  • Tax efficient supply chain structuring of transactions, in direct correlation with the indirect tax consequences of such structures;
  • Review of existing transfer pricing policies and documentation;
  • Economic analysis to determine valuation ranges in related-party transactions in line with the arm's length principle;
  • Drafting and negotiation of Advance Pricing Agreements (APA)
  • Guidance in preparing the transfer pricing file;
  • Representation and assistance during fiscal audits.


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