No one should have to go alone through tax refunds. Actually, you could leave all the paper work and legal endeavors to us.

Tax refunds

Our tax refund services are directed to our resident or non-resident clients interested in obtaining Romanian VAT and other tax refunds (e.g. withholding tax, capital gains tax, etc.). Our services allow you to stay focussed on your business activities, and, in order to boost your cash flow in a trustworthy and timely manner, we assist you in dealing with the Romanian tax authorities along the tax refund procedure, which is often burdensome and time consuming, by relying on our extensive practice and expertise on the matter.

VAT refund for foreign companies
We assist EU and non-EU established companies that are not registered for VAT purposes in Romania to recover input VAT incurred in Romania based on the Romanian procedures implementing the 8th and respectively the 13th Directives.
To improve efficiency of the VAT refund process, we collect the supporting documents based on which the VAT refund application will be drafted, review them to assess the level of compliance with the requirements of the Romanian law, draft the VAT refund applications and submit them with the relevant tax authorities, as well as follow up on the status of the applications to ensure a timely response from the Romanian tax authorities. Our methods are highly appreciated by our clients and acknowledged for their efficiency by the Romanian authorities.

VAT refund for Romanian VAT registered companies
Relying on our extensive practice and expertise, we assist companies registered for Romanian VAT purposes in the course of the procedure for reimbursement of Romanian VAT, in order to boost clients’ cash flow in a trustworthy and timely manner.
Our VAT refund assistance services dedicated to clients registered for Romanian VAT purposes involve inter-alia, a limited VAT review of the client’s transactions aimed at identifying any significant potential areas of exposure, ongoing assistance during the official VAT audit, assist with sensitive issues which can be subject to disputes with the Romanian tax authorities, assist during the subsequent appeals against the decision of the tax authorities.

Withholding, Dividend and Capital Gain tax refund services
We assist our clients in determining the eligibility for a full or partial refund of the withholding tax paid in excess to the Romanian state budget, relating to income derived by non-residents in Romania from commissions, royalties, interest, dividends or other services, based on the provisions of the domestic legislation, the EU law and the Double Tax Treaties concluded between Romania and other countries. Similar assistance is available for capital gains tax paid in excess.
Our services involve a review of the payments made by a Romanian entity to a non-resident entity in respect of dividends, interest, commissions, royalties and various types of services and the withholding tax treatment applied, in order to identify opportunities for applying a more favourable treatment and hence solicit a refund of overpaid withholding tax. We prepare all the necessary documentation required under the Romanian law, ensuring that the Romanian tax authorities refund the maximum amount of withholding & dividend tax or capital gains tax and assist our clients during the tax audit process.


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