Taxhouse is a high-end independent tax advisory firm offering a comprehensive and integrated range of tax consultancy and compliance services. Taxhouse is exclusively Taxand Romania.

About Taxhouse

Taxhouse was founded in 2006 in the context of domestic and international need for independence and specialisation, given the stringent objectivity requirements placed on traditional audit firms by various regulators around the globe.

We assembled a team of highly qualified tax partners drawn from the executive ranks of global firms as well as a team of carefully selected professionals, having excellent technical background on domestic and international tax related matters and strong local market awareness.  Our clients value our sound technical advice, delivered in the context of their particular business situation and we are committed to gain and retain our clients’ confidence providing consistently high quality services and fast response.

Taxhouse provides to its clients direct access to the local team of experts as well as to Taxand's worldwide team of over 2,500 expert tax advisors in 50 countries, with whom it shares global knowledge and updated tax information on cross-border transactions, as well as tax compliance solutions, so it can deliver fast and accurate advice on international transactions.  Our team works closely with our clients to develop and execute tax solutions tailored to their transactions, as well as related to the business model and strategies of the client. In the current environment of constantly changing domestic and international tax rules and regulations, corporations and individuals can derive significant and ongoing benefits from well thought, forward looking advice which is delivered promptly by Taxhouse team.

Taxand is the worlds largest independent tax organisation to deliver global tax service for clients, with more than 550 tax partners and over 2,500 tax advisors in 50 countries.  Taxand focuses on delivering high quality, integrated tax advice, free from time consuming audit work.  Taxand advisors work together to deliver global tax services for clients.

Taxand Romania provides seamless, integrated and independent global tax services.  For more information, visit

We invite you to discover who we are and to understand our approach in delivering tax solutions!


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